Gas up the car and go

As springtime arrives, Americans are receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and we all hope the pandemic will soon be behind us. As we head toward summer, it’s still hard to predict what impact coronavirus will have on upcoming vacation and travel plans. But at least one publication is predicting it will be another big year for family car trips.

CultureMap, a source of “local lifestyle news,” said in a recent article that it expects Americans who long for travel to take trips close to home. “It turns out, travelers around the United States actually like fresh air. They don't mind driving a few hours out of town. They want to connect to Wi-Fi so they can work or learn, but they'd also be okay without it (eeeek!) as long as they're in a clean, safe place.”1

The article also notes that one of the hot spots for visitors taking trips in 2020 was our home state of Texas. As a Texas-based company, we’re obviously biased and think that’s a great idea for getaways in 2021 as well – especially if you didn’t take a vacation last year! Here’s one of author Stephanie Allmon Merry’s ideas.

“So, 2020 vacation dollars that went unused for a family trip to a resort in Mexico might shift to a monthlong ‘flexcation’ at a nice lake house in East Texas during the colder months’.”

Whether it’s a month in March or a week this summer, experts agree it’s critical to take time off from work and school even while we all continue to deal with coronavirus. So, we’d suggest that taking a car trip might be just what the doctor ordered!

“More than ever, you need time off to take care of your mental wellbeing. It has a significant impact on productivity and creativity,” said Rhiannon Staples of the people management platform, Hibob, in October.2

If the old family sedan or SUV is in super shape and is ready to go, that’s great. If you’re not sure it’s the right vehicle for a big trip, you can always visit a local auto dealership and find something that meets your needs even better. And if you’d like the dealer to find a finance company to help you fund the deal, feel free to drop our name. Exeter Finance is happy to help, so buckle up for your trip and take a ride with us!

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