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Meet DealerPortal

The next evolution of the dealer experience with Exeter

Total control

Imagine a lending process focused on putting you – the dealer – in the driver seat. That’s Exeter’s DealerPortal. It leverages the power of self-service and appeal of a truly intuitive user interface to make turning a deal into a finalized contract a cinch.

Everything you need, in one place

Exeter’s DealerPortal allows users to upload documents, rehash deals, request a payoff, keep tabs on deal status and follow the process in real time through file notes. Plus, the live chat feature gives users immediate access to Exeter team members. That way, you can focus on taking excellent care of your customers.

Seamless integration

Single-sign-on authentication with eContracting technology makes secure application oversight simple. Links provided on callbacks take DealerPortal users directly to the deal they’re focused on closing. And every time a document is uploaded, or a stipulation is outlined, our funders are alerted so they can tend to things on their side - all the while making notes for dealers.

Facts that move deals
  • across more than 5k stores nationwide

  • Rehash responses in seconds

  • on apps. submitted through DealerPortal

Put DealerPortal to work for you

Not registered yet for our DealerPortal? Put it to work for your dealership by requesting access today. Just complete the form to get started.

Current DealerPortal users can login here

Sign up

Note: DealerPortal has integrated single-sign-on capabilities with select eContracting sites. It’s recommended to register for the portal using the same email credentials you use for access to portals, such as Dealertrack and RouteOne. 

See what our dealer partners are saying

  • Napleton's Valley Hyundai

    "Exeter’s dealer portal really has been a game changer for our store. In a world where people demand immediate responses, what a perfect tool. We can negotiate our fees, additional dealer flats, additional backend – all through a super convenient chat feature. The ability to play with the structure in real time can save us hundreds and sometimes thousands…”

    -Dimitri K.

  • Courtesy Chevrolet

    “l like the ease and efficiency of the Exeter portal. It helps me maximize profits without picking up the phone and has become a useful tool for me and the store.”

    -Murray M.

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