Keeping the bar high in customer service

Our dealer partners work hard to help drivers get into vehicles that are right for them. A lot goes into that process. So, we make sure that we put the same amount of effort into providing excellent customer service on our side – and we’ve got it down to a science.

At Exeter, we’ve established a Culture of Excellence focused on our people, our processes and our service. It’s proven that when we invest in our people and dedicate time to refining our processes, impeccable service follows. The emphasis we place on providing outstanding service to our dealer partners carries over to the service we provide when their customers become our customers. And we’ve done it more than a million times in our company’s history. 

Here’s what we do to set the customer-service bar high:

  • Personal introductory calls to welcome each customer to Exeter  
  • A secure, online customer portal that provides 24/7 access* to their loan
  • Seven payment options and no charges for online payment selections, including ACH and debit
  • Flexible customer communication options via online chat, secured message, and SMS options for on-the-go customers
  • Convenient customer service hours
  • Over 100 continuing education courses offered to Exeter employees that are focused on consumer protection

Servicing a half-million customers and maintaining a 4-star Trustpilot rating1 is no easy feat – but it’s one we put all our energy and effort into. Next time you recommend Exeter to one of your customers, you can rest easy knowing we’ll have their back once they drive off the lot.

If you ever have questions, concerns or comments, please call our Dealer Operations Group at 1-855-4EXETER (855-439-3837).

*Not applicable on accounts protected by U.S. Bankruptcy Code

1As of February 2022

About Exeter
Exeter Finance LLC is a non-prime auto finance company headquartered in Irving, Texas. The company partners with franchised and independent auto dealers throughout the country to make car ownership a reality for consumers. For more information, call our Dealer Operations Group at 1-855-4EXETER (855-439-3837).

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