Let it snow

By Exeter Finance

Does it seem like the leaves just stopped falling? It was only yesterday that it was autumn, right? Okay, maybe it was two months ago that the kids were trick-or-treating at Halloween.

Now, it’s January, and winter is fully underway. Taking care of your vehicle during bad-weather months not only protects your investment in the car or truck, it protects you and everyone who rides in it.

So, before another day goes by, think about these tips from our friends at CarMax for maintaining your car in the winter.

  1.  Wash it regularly to extend the life of the paint job
  2.  Protect the paint by waxing it
  3.  Replace the wiper blades to ensure visibility
  4.  Consider snow tires for better traction
  5.  Check the tire pressure since cold weather causes it to drop
  6.  Treat windows with a 1-part-water/3-parts-vinegar mix to lessen ice buildup
  7.  Prepare an emergency supplies kit to be ready for problems on the road
  8.  Check the cabin air filter so the car can warm up nicely
  9.  Check the car thermostat to make sure it’s not stuck in the closed position
  10.  Check the battery so it provides the cranking power you need
  11.  Check the engine fluids so everything runs smoothly under the hood
  12.  Use antifreeze appropriately to take care of your radiator
  13.  Check belts and hoses since cold temps can cause them to squeak or malfunction

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